• Does It Happened Here work if I'm outside the city?

    Yes. The events will simply show as being very far away. However, instead of letting your device detect your location, you can submit a hypothetical location and explore things that have happened around it.

  • Will It Happened Here work on an iPod Touch?

    Yes, provided you have a WiFi connection. The app allows you to enter a location if it is unable to detect your location using WiFi.

  • When will my city be available?

    Please follow us on Twitter or Facebook for the latest updates!

  • How many events are included?

    Hundreds for each city.

  • In what ways is the app customizable?

    Users can specify what minimum rating in each category is required for an event to be displayed. For example, if you're a history buff, but not too keen on pop culture, you may set the app to surface all historical entries, but only 4-star and above pop culture references.

  • Is the app searchable?

    Yes, by keyword.

  • How much does It Happened Here cost?

    $0.99 per city.